Portsmouth Marine Training is dedicated to providing you with a high quality service at the best possible price. Our staff radiates enthusiasm because we love what we do, being out on the water and guiding others to enjoy the sea. It’s exhilarating at times, it’s peaceful at times, but we’ll teach you how to be safe all of the time.

If you have just brought a boat we can provide Own Boat Tuition. As the training will be on your boat we can help you learn its unique handling characteristics, how to use its equipment, and offer advice on how best to set it up for you to use. We can spend a day teaching you the basics such as maneuvering and berthing, or several days to teach complete courses.

We offer a wide range of RYA courses suitable for all abilities. You can do the training on your own boat or on our school sailing yachts, powerboats, and motor cruisers. If you are interested in speed then the fast paced RYA Powerboat Courses could be for you. For comfort, luxury and arriving in style, take a look at our RYA Motor Cruising Courses. If you prefer to take your time and enjoy the journey try our RYA Sail Cruising Courses. To help you understand the theory behind boating try one of our RYA Shorebased Courses.

If you would like to chat about your training requirements then please feel free to get in contact.

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