Tuesday, 13 May 2008

We are celebrating today having just signed up our 200,000 customer.

The lucky person, who clearly registered in order to see up to 70 photographs of the boat he thinks he might like to buy, is Tim Hammick. Boatshed.com celebrated the moment by sending him a bottle of Fizz to say thank you.

Neil Chapman, Boatshed.com’s founder and MD, has been watching the numbers click by every day for the last week and is pleased as anything to be celebrating this momentous occasion.

He said today “Every person that registers on our site is one more person who is part of the Boatshed.com family. We hear so often that once people find Boatshed, they don’t want to leave and this is borne out in the thousands of boats that we have sold in our nine years in business. As the numbers of offices grow across the world, so do the types of boats, the number of registered customers and the number of happy boaters so we are very pleased to welcome Tim to the best way of buying a boat.”

We wish Tim and every one of our other 199,999 registered customers well in their search for a boat and we look forward to celebrating every success with you.