What is Boatshed Refer a Boat?

Boatshed Refer a Boat is a referral scheme which rewards the person who introduces potential sellers to Boatshed. If you know anyone who is looking to sell their boat, you have a great opportunity to earn some extra money. After contacting the owner we'll advertise the boat on our website and when it sells, the Boatshed Broker will pay you up to a 20% share of their commission.

  • No selling required
  • No risk involved
  • No financial outlay on your part

The more boats you refer the more you can earn!!

The Boatshed Broker will pay you up to a 20% share of the commission on the successful sale of the boat.

Sailing boat UK
Boat Sold Value £65,000
8% Broker Commission charge on the sale of a boat is £5200
Your Referral Commission £1040

Motor boat USA
Boat Sold Value $395,000
10% Broker Commission charge on the sale of a boat is $39,500
Your Referral Commission $7,900

House boat France
Boat Sold Value 295,000 Euro
10% Broker Commission charge on the sale of a boat is 29,500 Euro
Your Referral Commission 5,900 Euro

Once the boat is sold you will receive an email confirming you are due your referral commission. The Boatshed Broker will contact you to confirm the amount you are due. They may require an invoice to make payment straight to your bank account.

How does it work?

Anyone who is registered with Boatshed.com can use Boatshed Refer a Boat. You are automatically attributed with your own Unique Referral Link (when you register) which is used to track the referral throughout the sales process. Just send your Unique Referral Link to the boat owner who is interested in selling their boat.

What happens next?

  • The owner completes the sell a boat form using the unique "referral link" you have sent them.
  • The enquiry is assigned to the relevant local Boatshed Broker to accept the listing.
  • The Boatshed Broker will contact the boat owner to complete a listing contract based on our standard commission rates.
  • The Boatshed Broker will visit the boat, take photos and inventory
  • The boat needs to be listed with 2 months of any referral being submitted.
  • The boat is then placed for sale across the Boatshed network and advertised on our partner websites.
  • The Boatshed broker will conduct viewings and negotiation with interested parties.
  • Once the boat is sold the Boatshed Broker will notify you regarding your share of the commission
  • The boatshed platform tracks all listing referrals throughout the boat sales process so your commission is secure.
  • Please note you cannot refer your own or family boat !

We'll keep you updated with the progress of the referral by sending an email when:

  • The referral has been submitted to Boatshed through the website
  • The Boatshed Broker has accepted the referral
  • The boat is live on the Boatshed website
  • The boat has finally been sold

Feedback from Referrers:

I have always been a fan of Boatshed and always recommend you guys !

I placed the referral link on my website last month. Now you have just sent me $980. I will start using my referral link on Facebook, lets hope it brings you more listings and me more commission. Easy ! Well done guys, very cool.

Paul July 2021

It was so easy to make the referral! Sending my friend the referral link and the Boatshed Broker contacting them was seamless and their professional service made sure the subsequent sale went through. My friend who was selling his small boat was pleased, as was I to receive my £250.00 beer money!

Sabrina - May 2021

I have used Boatshed to sell my previous two boats, so when I heard a friend wanted to sell their large powerboat I used the new refer system to recommend Boatshed. Great news ! it sold in less than 2 weeks and I have just received £1750. Thanks Boatshed :)

Jeff - July 2021

The full terms and conditions can be viewed on the following link: