England Expects...

Today marks the 206th anniversary of one of the Royal Navy’s most historic victories.

The anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and Lord Nelson’s death is being marked on board HMS Victory.

Trafalgar Day is the celebration of the victory won over French and Spanish fleets in October 1805.

Second sea lord Vice Admiral Charles Montgomery will lay down a wreath this morning on the spot where Admiral Lord Nelson died on board HMS Victory, which is in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, during the battle.

Lieutenant Oscar Whild, commander of HMS Victory, said: ‘The Battle of Trafalgar is still considered to be the most important of our naval victories'.

‘By dying at the moment of victory on board HMS Victory, Nelson made Trafalgar a magical moment'.

‘The ultimate achievement of war at sea is at the very heart of our national identity'.

‘This year, on the 206th anniversary of that battle, we are very proud to hoist Nelson’s most famous signal from our three masts'.

Portsmouth News 21/10/2011

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