Peter Delbridge and Ian Dawes, (Boatshed Hamble and Boatshed Port Solent) took part in the King and Queen Poker Rib Raid last Saturday in the sunny Solent, in aid of the Hamble River Lifeboat. The Boatshed Blokes borrowed their Avon Rib and 100 Yamaha outboard from Tim Robinson, Rear Commodore House at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, so a very big thank you goes to him.

The idea is that each Rib is given 5 different multi-leg courses, and at the completion of each course returns to the committee boat to receive a playing card in a sealed envelope. The last card is collected from the bar at the King and Queen. The boatshed blokes managed a pair of Jacks – an appropriate hand for such a crew I think you’ll agree!
“A big thank you to all who supported the Poker Rib Raid held last Saturday, in stunning conditions on the Solent.” Says Janet Bradley, landlady of the King and Queen (aka “The Rum Pub”). Ask Delbridge, he’ll tell you why.

“We had 16 ribs filled with lots of enthusiastic crew who navigated their way around for a few hours in sunny, calm conditions. The winning poker hand was won by Jane Windsor's team called "Female Intuition". We had superb prizes and we would like to thank JM Yachting for helping with the event and all those who donated prizes that helped raise another £1000 for the Hamble Lifeboat. A very special thanks goes to Tony Lovell, our Event Officer who led a great team of volunteers, sending the boats in 17 different directions and then back to the pub for a party and prize giving.”
Boatshed Hamble won £300 worth of sailing instruction at the Hamble River Sailing Club (he’s given that to the kids) and Boatshed Port Solent won the only prize that actually required skill and judgement to win - yes it was “guess how many Maltesers in this cake” competition. We know how to live!

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