Now that the good weather is back it may be time to hang that sign on the shed door... “Gone Fishin”

Well, if that is what’s on the cards then you’d better get in touch with us here at Boatshed Port Solent, where we have a mighty fine selection of fast fishing boats, in loads of different price and size ranges.

How about the luxury of a Merry Fisher 805? Ours is an immaculate 2007 boat, all cleaned up and raring to get offshore chasing the bigger quarry!

Staying with Merry Fisher, we have a brace of Merry Fisher 695’s – a 2004 boat and a 2003 boat, only £1000 difference on the price, both are in the water and both have just slightly different specifications – the one at £33950 has a cockpit canopy, but the one at £34950 is a year younger and sports an extended after platform. Your choice!

How about leaving France and trying Spain? We have a really nice Faeton 730 Top Moraga, slightly smaller and less well known than her French cousins; she has great build quality, wide side decks and a cockpit that is just exactly right for either fishin’ or chillin’.

Staying in Spain, how about the Lema Galope? I bet you can’t pronounce it right first time! Give me a ring and I’ll tell you!

And now for something completely different. Check out the Cleopatra Fox 700 Fast Fisher: She is just a bit different from the norm, with a cabin cruiser feel; she is as clean as a whistle and is powered by a Mercruiser Diesel. A nice compromise between Fisher and Cruiser, with classic lines, she would be equally at home on the river or the sea.

So there’s no excuse folks – if its fishin’ you want, you need to ring me here at Boatshed Port Solent and we’ll start working on the dream!

Thinking of Selling Your Boat?

Here at Boatshed Port Solent we are on standby to help you get your boat onto the market as quickly as you can.

We will come along and meet you aboard, take up to 80 photos and upload a detailed specification of your boat onto our massive website. We have nearly 450,000 registered customers browsing our listings, and with over 50 offices worldwide there is certainly going to be someone out there who wants to buy your boat!

Ring Ian on 07885 521960, or email